Monday, 17 March 2014

Life Style Choices

Just a thought......

We wake up in the morning. Most of us have a shower, perhaps we use soap, shampoo and conditioner. We apply body lotion and deodorant. Some of us will put on make up or use hair products. We put on clothes that are dyed in pretty colours, perhaps washed in detergent and softener. We eat breakfast.
And so the day continues.

How many chemicals are we exposing ourselves and the environment to daily?

What are the long term effects of this cocktail of chemicals? On our health? On the environment?

Nobody knows for sure. But it is hardly good news.

There is a lot of talk about buying organic and local food (which I completely agree with) but maybe we should also consider all the other things that we "need"/ use on a daily basis.

Over the last year or so we have swapped most beauty and cleaning products for eco and human friendly alternatives. It's a start.....

Keep it clean. Keep it green.


  1. Karin Petersen3/17/2014

    Ja, det är minsann mycket att tänka på! Helt rätt är ju att man mest tänker på maten men det är ju mycket annat som det också handlar om. Tack för dina tankar - det fick mig att tänka lite också!
    Hälsningar Karin

    1. Jag har själv inte tänkt så mycket på det tidigare men jag tycker att det börjar dyka upp fler klimatsmarta/naturliga/parfymfria produkter till rimligt pris i affärerna. Och då kan man ju lika gärna välja det:)


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